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The data for the analysis of this language was collected

at "Raya Cheruvu Valasa" near Bobbili a town in Vijayanagaram

District of Andhra Pradesh. The influence of Telugu, which is

the spoken language of this area, can be seen to a great extent

on this language.

This Village is entairly a Gadaba Colony with 300 speakers

and 4 K.M.s away from Bobbili town. Gadabas are found in the

agency area and in the plains of Srikakulam, Vijayanagaram and

Visakfaapatnam DIstrists of Andhra Pradesh and in the border

areas of Orissa and Madhya Pradesh.

There are two groups of Gadabas which are linguistically

distinct. One of the two is a member of the "Munda" family,

and the other is clearly a Dravidiaa language.

The two groups live in seperate colonies. Some vocabulary

of this Dravidian Gadaba is collected from Boddavalasa near

Salur town in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh. A -compa.

rison of few words from both the groups is given in this following




	Dravidian Gadaba

	Munda Gadaba



	<" ;

We "

	e : mu

	i : nu

	ne : y

	(me : urn)




	e : nu '

	a : nu

	ni : y

	(ne : nu)




	i : vu

	i : nu \

	no : w


	(ni : vu)